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Iranian businessmen establish cooperation
Iranian businessmen

Iranian businessmen establish cooperation

On August 30, representatives of the business community of the Islamic Republic of Iran visited the Ryazan Chamber of Commerce and Industry on a business visit. The vice-presidents of the Chamber Evgeny Sorokin and Sergey Polupanov met with them, as well as the representative of the Ryazan Export Support Center Vladislav Filyakov.

Guests were introduced to the economic potential of the Ryazan region.

Then they told that they have been fruitfully cooperating with the CIS countries and certain regions of Russia for 18 years already. One of the directions of this cooperation is the export of instant yeast of the trade mark “Fariman”. This product is produced by the company Iran Mellas – the leading exporter of the state. A representative of the company Ali Dehgan explained that when adding “Fariman” yeast to the dough, they increase its volume and improve the quality. The yeast is exported by LLC Marlik. The Managing Director of Marlik Co. Mr.Nasser Ghahramani said that the yeast is supplied to Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and in 30 countries of the world. The Iranians proposed to present the distribution of yeast to Ryazan grain producers.

The meeting discussed other aspects of possible cooperation. Iranian entrepreneurs are also interested in investing in livestock development, import of glass and oil products. They are ready to supply vegetables and dried fruits to our region.

Evgeny Sorokin invited guests to provide detailed information on options for cooperation.

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