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fermented yeast is the most important additive in baking products. Three main function of yeast in baking bread are as follows :

Production of carbon dioxide

in the process of glucose in flour turning to alcohol, carbon dioxide is produced and when it is exiting the bread protein network, increases the bulk of it. yeast is the main for this process.

increasing the bulk of the dough, puff up.

increasing in the bulk of effective dough from chemical influence of yeast on existing sugar in flour during alcohol and acid producing and the physical influence of carbon dioxide is from this process.the result of this interaction is light, hollow and perforated dough.this is the main characteristic of products that use yeast. improving the scent and taste of dough

yeast by producing secondary metabolites, fermentation activities such as KETONS, volatile alcohol, organic acid, aldeids and STERS givs bread a special

taste and scent, some of these factors such as alcohol become free during baking. some other react to themselves or other mixtures, in order to create new and more complex fragrances.

these reactions initially happen on the outer layer of dough and the fragrance from them spread in baked bread.

Traditional bread baker’s yeast and fantasy, privileged This kind of baker’s yeast for all bread dough composition that are not used sugar or sugar consumption is less than 5% by weight of flour. Yeast donuts This type of yeast used in bread dough composition for all their sugar intake is 10 to 30% of flour weight (at least 4 kg of sugar of 40 kg flour). Note: For bread and sugar levels between 5 to 10% by weight of flour, the yeast can be used both types.


 Packets of 100 gm yeast FARIMAN

Fariman yeast in packets of 100 gm of 3 layers of aluminum coated with polyethylene and polyester due to the injection of nitrogen gas inside the packages, yeast activity up to a year after production is preserved. this product in boxes of 4 Kg, 40 packs per box, will be released.



500-gram vacuum envelope of yeast FARIMAN

Fariman yeast in packets of 500 grams of 4 layers of aluminium and polyethylene coated polyester capable of  storing up to two years to maintain quality guarantee. this product in boxes of 10 kg. 20 packs per box will be released.




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