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Permenent Exhibition

Permenent Exhibition

Worry about shipping to global markets no more !

Have a permenant Exhibition in Georgia at the lowest cost !

Considering the fact that participating in international exhibitions for a few days is expensive and it is not possible to communicate with all audiences in such short time therefor , the following description can be helpful in presenting your products.

Purpose of founding Ghahraman Hypermarket was not to create a large supermarket in a foreign country. According to several years of experience in the exporting industry of Iranian goods , wholesale and capillary distribution we are familiar with market entry and marketing problems and wanted to create an exhibition with a low cost .

We are trying to provide an appropriate space to take a big step in presenting Iranian goods in Georgia and finally make more people know about these products.

We want to present an almost complete collection of what is available in Iran’s market to the public. By joining this exhibition you can introduce your products without physical presence and soon you will know that profit of joining this exhibition is far more than marginal costs you paid. In order to achieve the objectives of Iranian manufacturers and businessman the following services are provided for presenting Iranian products and establishing direct contact with international audience.

Show Place :

In Ghahraman Hypermarket (which in first phase 2 floors were inaugurated) depending on customers choice dedicated product display booths will be given to them . afterwards , customer gives us his own specific showcase and the products and sign a 6 months or 1 year contract and then they can present their products and install address, phone number and site address in the showcase range.

Prices of show places varies from $30 to $200 per square meter.

The location of the exhibition is next to a transit road and close to airport which can provide very good condition for exportation.

Sales service :

If the owner of the product would like to sell the product through Ghahraman Hypermarket system , we calculate the actual price of the product (based on custom and tax laws in Georgia), get a small amount of that product , put price labels on them and after selling them , return their money.

Presenting your product in Ghahraman Hypermarket will not have any obligations for manufacturers or owners so they can sell to or negotiate with other customers directly.

Transportation and Custom Services :

Since sending low quantity of goods and paying the customs has no justification , GHM can send your goods along with our own shipments and after clearing the customs , sort them out in exhibition or deliver to a person introduced by the goods owner with a legal invoice , therefore , certain costs are as follows :

  1. Delivery costs for shipments less than 10 tons is $200 per ton and for more than 10 tons freight is reduced by $100.
  2. VAT cost is 18% of the sale price of the product.
  3. Based on type of the goods , customs duties are 0 to 12 percent of the issued invoice .
  4. Health certificate fee. Which is needed for food, is about $50.
  5. Iranian customs fee for each export permit is approximately 200,000 tomans.
  6. Georgian customs fee for each export permit is approximately $200.

Note : returning goods and showcase specially in case of less than a container is not affordable and we can deliver it to the designated person.

Costums information service :

After importing your goods to Georgia we provide you with information about  final price of the products and related taxes in written and you can see the place of your showcase online.





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