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Hiring Sales and Distribution Manager

Hiring Sales and Distribution Manager

In order to expand its branches, Ghahraman hypermarket is hiring in above positions. We are providing house, car, mobile, commission on sales and travel expenses to Iran.


  1. Fluent Persian and English, knowing Turkish, Russian or Georgian will be positive factor.
  2. A valid sponsor
  3. Preferably 40 years old Man or younger
  4. 3 year contract to stay in Georgia
  5. Married Couples, if the partner is willing to work in administration, are the priority.
  6. Experience of working in hypermarkets.

For more information contact the Skype of manager and send your resumes to info@ghm.ge .


More information:

  1. New suites are available near the hypermarket with all accommodations like TV, refrigerator, heating system, bed and kitchen appliances. For couples a 2 bedroom suite and for singles a room from a 3 or 2 bedroom suites are available.
  2. Water, electricity and gas bills are paid by you and are around 200.000 tomans per year.
  3. Having guest like friends and family is possible if reasonable times and with advanced notice.
  4. Food expenses are paid by you and prices are mostly the same as Iran and sometimes 10 % higher.
  5. Transportation expenses are like Tehran.
  6. Rent prices are about 25% less than Tehran.
  7. The whole site is protected by a private security company so going out and coming back outside the norm must be coordinated with security.
  8. There are 3 phases for being hired. First 3 months are for establishment. Second 3 months is about learning Georgian and mastering the work. The next phase is about being a manager and doing your job. Based on your progress and abilities you will get bounces and advantages.
  9. People who are only looking for higher payments and are not interested in having their own business in the future won’t be able to work with us more than 1 or 2 year.

According to the fact that responsibility of hyper manager and sales manager comes with a financial responsibility for buying and selling goods so without any sponsor and financial support it won’t be possible to reach your goals. (those who can’t or won’t be able to give cheque or promissory note in amount of 100 million tomans to show goodwill and trust , won’t be acceptable for this job)

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